Seattle Winter Olympic - Logo

A brand identity study for the 2018 Winter Olympics. The designs are influenced by Washington’s varied landscapes, focusing on the Pacific Ocean, Rocky Mountains, and the iconic Space Needle in Seattle. The logo evokes these ideas in a swooshing mark.

Environmental & Packaging

Mountainous landscapes, seaside bays, and weather systems are identifiable characteristics of Washington’s great outdoors. The signage and packaging resemble such characteristics in a whirling composition of positive and negative spaces.



A poster series rounds off the environmental signage. The setting uses pieces of the mark to create an interaction in which a figure can be active. Figural silhouettes give an opening for the viewer to imagine.

Alternative posters and ideas

Phone App.

The phone app. provides access to information all Olympic enthusiasts need by featuring news, results, GPS way-finding, a noise making cowbell, and much more. Elements are pulled from across the identity system.